Talking the Talk – More Disney Lingo

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Written by: Brittany Madden

Some of you may remember a previous post I wrote that discussed some of the common Disney-inspired vocab, lingo, and acronyms seen and heard throughout the Disney world. Well, I soon realized there were even MORE out there. And being the awesome Disney writer that I am, I wanted to make sure you all knew them too, yay!

DCP: Disney College Program – this is what I will spend the next four months doing, ha! A more detailed explanation of the program will be in a post soon. =)

Imagineers: Imagination + Engineering = Imagineers! This is the witty nickname for those lovely men and women who help create Disney’s magic seen in the parks, resorts, shops, restaurants, and movies.

HMs – Hidden Mickeys: Have you ever been at Disney and thought you saw the silhouette of Mickey Mouse hidden in an obscure place? Did you brush it off, chumming it up to that the Disney bug must have really gotten you? Well, your eyes were not deceiving you! Scattered throughout the attractions, stores, shops, and parks, Imagineers have placed little hidden Mickeys for their guest to hunt and spot. Be on the lookout of for some during your next Disney vacation! PS: There are other hidden Disney characters too!

Queue: This is the official name for the line you stand in while waiting to board an attraction.

Dark Rides: These are indoor attractions that feature motorized guided vehicles for guests to ride in as they travel through the ride’s different scenes. These types of attraction utilize light to hide the ride’s mechanisms and other unsightly features. Think of It’s A Small World or Peter Pan’s Flight.

Baby/Child Swap: This is the term used for when parents/caregivers take turns staying with their child while the rest of their group goes and rides an attraction. When the group returns, that person who stayed behind with the child can then “swap” out with someone else in order to go on the ride. This process is used when a child is too little and/or does not want to ride an attraction and cannot be left by themselves.

Refurbishment: Disney’s term for when an attraction is being worked on. For example, “Space Mountain will be in refurbishment from September 5th to December 10th.”

KTTW Card – Keys to the World Card: This is simply the name of the card you get when you check into a Disney hotel. However, these cards go beyond just allowing you to enter your hotel room! A more detailed explanation will be given in another post, so be on the lookout! =)

And there you go! Don’t you feel more Disney savvy now?!

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