Mickey and Minnie Aren’t the Only Lovers at Disney!

lovers at disney

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lovers at disney
Walt Disney World is well known as “the most magical place on Earth.” If it were up to me however, I would rename it the “Land of Love” because lovebirds are all over that place, ha! Couples vacation to Disney to celebrate weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, or simply their adoration for one another. Disney even offers several pins celebrating a wide range of lovey-dovey occasions, and cast members are encouraged to congratulate them on their love.

And guests aren’t the only ones basking in the glow of love. Cast members get caught up in the act too! Several of my coworkers found their significant other while working for “The World.”

This is especially true for college program interns. While I was there, so many of my friends found a lover (or two). I often joked that Disney was surrounded in a love bubble, which sped up time and instantly made people fall in love.

These relationships range from fun flings (like mine) to full-on romance to even marriage! To illustrate, two of my roommates found their current boyfriends during the internship. One of them just moved in with her man, and the other talks openly about marriage with her boo. Being someone who just LOVES love, I am just so happy for them and feel like they make the cutest love stories.

Plus, what better place to date someone than Walt Disney World?! I mean, HELLO, you have an awesome free date location at your continual disposable! While I was there, my Disney boyfriend (that’s what I liked to call him) went to the parks together several times a week. Not bashing dinner-and-a-movie (because that is super fun too), but spending all day riding attractions, watching parades and fireworks, and eating Disney goodies is about as good as dating can get!

As you can see from the pictures, my very own parents have had a few romantic Disney moments themselves! My Dad spent weeks planning a 10th anniversary surprise for my Mom and even enlisted the help of the staff at Artist Point. They served her a ring for dessert!

Here are a few more ideas for all you Disney lovebirds out there:

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romance at disney

romance at disney

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