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Save Money At Disney With Kids Meals!


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A few days ago, two of my best girly pals and I went to a local theme park. Being the broke 20-somethings we are, we tried to spend the least amount of money on food as possible, while still being satisfied. It was then the light bulb went off in my head and I remembered my favorite food saving tip at Disney World: purchasing kid meals!

Now, many of you know by now that I am a girl that loves food and eating. That being said, as with most restaurants, the portion sizes at Disney can be HUGE! Plus, most of the kids and adult meals at Disney come with a side/dessert and a drink. All that food, on top of the sun and walking, can really put a damper on your Disney mojo. Plus, I really hate the feeling of not wanting to waste your money, so you eat everything on your plate, even though you reached full about 10 bites ago. Y’all feel me?

Not wanting this to happen again, once during my internship I asked if I could purchase the children’s meal instead. And surprisingly, they said yes! Not only did my belly get full, so did my wallet! (See what I did there, haha?! =P)

One of my favorite places to purchase a children’s meal was at Pinocchio Village Haus, which is located in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. Recently, the restaurant added flatbread pizzas to their menus. While the kid’s version only comes topped with cheese, it still is really yummy. I usually got mine with a bottle of water and side of fries, yummm! Plus, the kid’s meal is a little more than $2.00 cheaper; I really loved that! Also, I like the lunch kid options at Fantasyland’s newest restaurant, Be Our Guest.

Another idea is to simply ask if you can get an entrée without any sides or drinks. For instance, purchase just a slice of pizza instead of the combo. This often too can save you some extra dollars!

What I like about this tip is that it’s easy to do and you still get quality meals. Never did I feel like I was missing out on tastiness. Plus, the money you save can go towards souvenirs, hooray!

PS: If you take my advice and eat at Pinocchio Village Haus, I suggest grabbing a booth by the windows. They overlook the It’s a Small World attraction, making it a perfect place to people watch!

Written by: Brittany Madden – Follow Brittany’s blog Britty Loves Disney

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Working At Disney | Favorite Guest Questions


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One of the things I quickly learned while working for the Mouse is that you are going to be asked a LOT of questions and no question is unimaginable. I of course got asked on a daily basis standard questions like, “Where is the closet bathroom?” and “How do I get to the front of the park?” However, I also got asked some of the craziest things during my time at the Wildlife Express Train and it was my job to somehow answer them, ha!

I will never forget when I was training and one of the higher-up managers asked how I felt about my question-answer abilities. I naively told him I felt pretty confident and I truly did, because I had been to Animal Kingdom so many times and thought I was pretty knowledgeable about the park. He then drilled me, asking questions like: “Which is the better show to see: Finding Nemo or Festival of the Lion King?” I didn’t know; I hadn’t seen either. Shameful, I know!; “Where can I find the princesses?” I didn’t think there were any princesses. Wrong. Pocahontas, duh!; “Where was the old Festival of the Lion King location?” Really, come on?! So, after fumbling through his questions, I realized that all my vacation to WDW really didn’t prepare as well as I had thought.

What helped me the most were two things: 1 Ask your fellow cast members. Most likely, they have probably worked there much longer than you have, therefore are pretty knowledgeable people. In my experience, a cast member is more than happy to help a newbie and teach them everything they know. 2 Study your park map and know it like the back of your hand. Guests are going to expect you to know everything about the park you work at, even if you never leave your attraction area like I did. Typically question topics include how to get to point A to point B the quickest, what attractions are better suited for the younger kiddos, the locations for beer and ice cream, etc, etc.

As I said earlier, I got some pretty interesting/hilarious questions while working at the Trains. Sometimes it was hard not to laugh or be like, “Really?” You just have to remind yourself that: A they may have never been to WDW before and are truly unaware of seemingly obvious things or B are in what we call “vacation fog”, where all common sense goes out the window. No matter how trivial, obvious, or laughable the question was, I also did my best to answer it correctly and with a smile.

Here are some of my favorite questions, along with their answers by the way, some are a tad bit more snarky compared to how I would have normally answered them to the guests, ha!:

“Does this train take you to Epcot?”

Answer: Nope, the train brings you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, which is – and always will be – located in Animal Kingdom.

“Can I bring my drink/food with me?”

Answer: Yes you may! PS: I always loved answering this one, because guests would get so excited, like you told them they just won a $100, haha!

“Can I leave my child with you?”

Answer: As much as I love kids, your children must accompany you.

“What tree/bird/flower is this?”

Answer: I have no idea. I am not a botanist, ha!

“Where is the monorail?”

Answer: I’m sorry, but Animal Kingdom does not have a monorail.

“Wasn’t there a boat ride here?

Answer: Unfortunately, not anymore. But there is a water ride located in Asia called Kali River Rapids. PS: Brownie points goes to the guests that ask this question, because YES there actually was a boat ride in Animal Kingdom years ago, which is something I did not know until I worked there.

“Who is Rafiki?”

Answer: He is the monkey from the Lion King. If that answer didn’t suffice, I would then do the raising-Simba-to-the-heavens move and that usually did the trick, ahaha!


Answer: You are at Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the only way to and from this location is via the train, which arrives every 5-7 minutes. Don’t worry, you won’t be stranded here. =D

“What time is the 3:30 parade?”

Answer: The parade starts at 3:30, beginning and ending at Pizza Safari.

Written by: Brittany Madden – Follow Brittany’s blog Britty Loves Disney

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