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I am SO excited to tell you guys that…drum roll….WE ARE GOING BACK TO DISNEY!!! WOOT WOOT!! It’s just for a couple of days but I’ll take it!!

My husband is coming home NEXT week and is being sent to Florida to do some training. The training is in my hometown of Melbourne, which is only about an hour from my homeland…Disney of course :-) Sooooooo, you know who is going with him woohoo!! When I reminded him that Disney was so close, he said “I have already thought of that and thought we could go for a couple of days” *sigh* I love that man :-)

So, I am doing something that goes against EVERY piece of advice I have ever given you. We are going to Disney with no real plan and doing it on a budget! So the challenge is, how cheap can we do it? I’ll be posting each step of the process, my planning, how I am paying for it, how I am saving money, etc… We’ll even do some more videos before, during and after! Be sure to share this with anyone you know that loves Disney by using the share buttons below or ‘sharing’ the post on Facebook.

Here are the things I will be working on and talking about the next few of weeks:

  • First, I need to cash out any rewards I have. Most take 3-4 weeks to arrive, so this has to be first.
  • Picking a date. Once I have my dates, I can start to work around them. We’ll look at the three weekends I have to choose from and discuss the pro and cons.
  • I’ll be looking for discount codes and/or promotions that I can apply and showing comparisons.
  • Dining plan or not? The pros and cons.
  • Package or not? The pros and cons.
  • We’ll explore all the ways I can save money from the time we leave the house, while we are in Melbourne, and at Disney!

I am adding this to last year’s Saving Money At Disney Series so you guys can go back and see all of our money saving tips and videos from 2010! And please bring on your suggestions. I love hearing from you guys and have used SO many of the tips you’ve given in the past.

Lastly, I am also excited announce that my very own daughter will be doing some writing for the site. While looking for a feature writer, I realized the answer was under my very own roof, literally. I not only wanted a good writer, but someone who truly loves Disney and she is the perfect candidate. We’ve often said she was born with Disney blood running through her veins! She is constantly reading anything she can get her hands on about Disney, is planning on going to the Disney convention in California, and will be doing an internship at Disney World next year…a true Disney addict! She was the editor of her school newspaper and is a very good writer…in my humble, unbiased opinion :-) This my beautiful, Disney loving girl with her Tie-Dyed Cheesecake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort!

Tye Dye Cheesecake at Disney's Pop Century

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  1. Julie says

    Oooooo I am looking forward to this! I loved your last series. We’re going in October! Can’t wait for more tips!

  2. carmella says

    This post makes me very happy. I was getting upset because I dream about taking my kids one day. I have been planning to take them this fall. I actually recieved a call today saying that I could go in may so I am stoked!

  3. Grace says

    Congrats! I always appreciate your post. Hope you enjoy the trip the most! Your daughter looks so cute and vivid!