Save 20% on Fresh Tomatoes through June 8, 2015

save on fresh oranges

SavingStar has another awesome produce coupon for us! You can save save on oranges through June 8, 2015. See offer info for complete details. Buy as little or as much as you’d like and and save on your total purchase!

And be sure to also check out all of my tips for saving money on produce!

SavingStar works a little differently. The “coupon” doesn’t come off the total bill, but the amount goes into your SavingStar. Plus, you can use manufacturer coupons on top of it! You can then cashout that money via Paypal, bank deposit, or for a variety of gift cards. I ♥ SavingStar and have cashed out several times! Check it out here (it’s free)!

Save 20% on any single purchase of loose Oranges at participating retailers. See offer info for complete details. Check back every Tuesday for a new Healthy Offer..Expires 6/8/2015.Save 20%.

Get a FREE Bottle of Ajax Dish Soap through May 20th!

ajax coupon

Purchase a bottle of Ajaz dish soap through May 20, 2015, and get 100% back deposited into your SavingStar account! It’s just totally FREE – my favorite word 😉

SavingStar works a little differently. The “coupon” doesn’t come off the total bill, but the amount goes into your SavingStar. Plus, you can use manufacturer coupons on top of it! You can then cashout that money via Paypal, bank deposit, or for a variety of gift cards. I ♥ SavingStar and have cashed out several times! Check it out here (it’s free)!

Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) 12.6 oz. bottle of Ajax® Dish Liquid..Expires 5/20/2015.Save 100%.

50 more FREE Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points!

kelloggs printable coupons

I’ve got another 50 more points you can add to your Kellogg’s Family Rewards account! I just entered these myself, so I can confirm they still work as of today, April 27, 2015.

I LOVE this program! Not only will you get awesome coupons via email, but you can also collect these free codes and redeem them for even higher value coupons on their website!

Go here to login or register for a free account and enter codes:


Here are a few older codes that should still work. Please let me know if you come across an new ones or if any of these are expired!

  • FREECODEJUST4YOU – 100 Points
  • MORERKTREATS4YOU – 25 Points
  • KFRTHANKYOU50PTS – 50 Points
  • REWARDSPTSJUST4U – 100 Points
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 Points
  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 – 20 Points
  • JOINKELLOGG2SAVE – 50  Points (new members only)

Note: If you enter the code and it says it’s a “duplicate”, that does not mean it’s expired. That just means you’ve already entered it before. it will clearly say that’s it’s expired if it is. I just tested all of these. As of April 1st, 2015, these are all still working!

Earn Disney Gift Cards & Cash With QuickRewards!!

how to get free disney gift cards

I get asked all the time what survey companies offer Disney Gift Cards, so I wanted to remind you about QuickRewards. I have been a member since 2007 and cannot say enough about this company! Founded in 2002, QuickRewards is a rewards program like no other and receives awesome, positive reviews. The customer service is excellent and always quick to respond to comments and emails. have excellent customer service!

There are many ways to earn money with QuickRewards, but my favorite (and the easiest) is online shopping. It’s simple. Shop online the way to normally would, but log into your Quick Rewards account first to use their link. You shop, they get a percentage and they pass some of that onto you. If you shop online a lot, the earning potential is awesome! I earn $500 – $800 a year in free cash back from online shopping. When you’re ready to cash out, you can choose from a plethora of options, but I always choose the Disney gift cards <—- and they all go into my Disney fund!

VERY few cash back sites offer Disney gift cards as a payout! QuickRewards and Sunshine Rewards are the only two I know of. I use (and love) both of them!

I just cashed out for another 25 Disney gift card yay!!

Free Disney Gift Card

How To Earn:

  • Shopping online
  • Completing surveys
  • Reading emails
  • Performing searches
  • Visiting websites
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Trying new products
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Entering contests

Getting Your Money:

  • No minimum required to cash out.
  • Cash out at any time, as often as you’d like.
  • Cash back via PayPal (with no minimum required – get paid within 48 hours)
  • Electronic gift cards, including Amazon and eBay
  • 50 physical gift cards to choose from (mailed weekly) including: Disney – CVS – Target – Walmart – Kohl’s – ToysRUs – Sears – Home Depot – Regal Theater Group / United Artists – and more!

Go here to check it out – it’s totally free!

I encourage you to try this company out, especially if you are new at the whole online survey/earning thing. It’s 100% free to join, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. They are definitely one of my top 10 sites for making extra cash at home!

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20 FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Points!

I’ve got two more Pampers Gifts to Grow codes for you! I just entered both and confirm they’re working. You’ll also get 100 FREE points just for signing up!

Just click the banner above to enter your code – it’s free!

  • Use code REG4KT5BB6BAYB5 to add 15 points to your account
  • Use code REG4KT5B7R65U94 to add 15 points to your account

In case you missed it, you can currently score a FREE $25 JCPenney gift card with just 3,500 points!

Why join?

Because you can score some really awesome coupons and freebies with these point (and you don’t have to have kids). Check out the awesome sample box below I got with free points!! You can find additional codes on specially marked packages of Pampers products.

free pampers gifts to grow samples

Make $3/Survey With Pinecone Research & Hurry!

YAY!! Pincecone Research is open again! This is RARE, so rare in fact, that there are forums of people that just look for these banners (the only way you can apply). Pinecone is the crème de la crème of survey sites! I’ve been a member for years and love them. They pay $3 per survey and pay very quickly! HURRY and apply…I’ve seen this fill up in less than a day!

For ways to make money online, read my guide Make Extra Money At Home: My Tips & Recommendations

Here’s some feed back I received the last time I posted about Pinecone:

— From reader Kim: Love love love this company. I get free products to try, and average about $9 a month doing easy surveys.

— From reader Tim: I don’t get that many surveys but I do get cash offers in the mail like you. It’s always a nice surprise to open mail and find cash and not a bill!

— From reader Kristen: I’ve been with Pinecone for over two years (thanks to your site) and they are my favorite. I wish I got more surveys but I can’t complain. I find their surveys interesting compared to other sites. I put all of my money into my family’s Disney fund too.

— From reader Nicole: It took about a month to finally start receiving surveys, but now I get them 3-4 times a month. At $3 each, that really adds up. I love how quick to pay they are. Usually my money is in my account within 3 days of completing the survey!

sign up button

FREE $5 From Inbox Dollars | Earn Free Cash!

free $5 bill

Inbox Dollars will give you a FREE $5 bucks just for signing up!! This also happens to be one of my favorite survey/earning sites. I’ve been with them for 2+ years and love them!!

Earn cash for taking surveys, shopping online, trying name brand products and playing games online. This is a very reputable company! They’ve been around since 2000 and have paid out millions in rewards to their members. Once you cash out your first $30 (which is fairly easy to get to), you will automatically be a “Gold Member” and have access to even better rewards.

Sign up for free HERE and get your $5 bonus :-)

See how online surveys helped me pay for our recent Disney vacation and for ways to make money online, read my guide Make Extra Money At Home: My Tips & Recommendations

Possibly FREE Nivea Eye Shadow

nivea eye shadow

Toluna is now accepting applicants to test FREE Nivea Eye Shadow! There are 165 spots available. Go here to see if you qualify for this test opportunity. Closes 11/3/2014.

  1. Login or join Toluna (it’s free)
  2. Confirm your email addrress.
  3. Go to the “Rewards” tab on top of the page, and click on the “Test Products” tab.
  4. Click on the “Nivea Eye Shadow” test offer
  5. If accepted, your product will arrive within 2-3 weeks.

You can also earn up to $5 per survey you complete, but I mostly do the product sampling. I get 1-2 a month!

Make Money While You Shop For Christmas

earn christmas cash

With Christmas shopping in full swing, I thought it was a good time to re-visit how I earn money shopping online!

Almost every time I post about cash back programs I get an email asking how I make so much, and the answer is simple. Order everything you can online, through a cash back program. I was diligent about doing that again this year and have made $497 and change so far, and that’s before my holiday shopping!

Here are a few tips:

Remember, nickles and dimes add up:

  • If you’re thinking “why do I care about getting 2% back?”, you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. I regularly have cash back deposits of anywhere from $2 to $10…in FREE money! It adds up very quick!

Watch for promotions:

  • Once you’ve joined, you’ll be notified of promotions via email. Double point opportunities, gift card offers and more. Take advantage of these as they can add up to big deposits in your account. Ebates has a daily double deal where you can earn as much as 20-35% cash back!!

See it in a store? Buy it online:

  • If you see it in the store, come home and buy it online. With all the coupon codes and free shipping offers these days, it’s usually cheaper to but it online. Add cash back to the equation, and it’s a no-brainer. See my post on this HERE

Think outside the box:

  • Don’t limit yourself to the obvious things like gifts, shoes, apparel or toys. I order office supplies, tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc… Some of these companies offer as much as 5-10% cash back, which is a sweet chunk of change. I recently made $17.88 for a hotel stay! Office supplies are a HUGE earner for me. Several of the ink supply stores offer 15-25% cash back AND free shipping. and Office give 6-6.5% cash back and run free shipping offers all the time. offers free shipping on any order of $25 or more. With over 60,000 products in stock and killer deals that update daily, this has always been a go-to for me…and they give 6% cash back.

Double dip with gift cards:

  • This is my little secret, and I’ve been doing it for years. I buy gift cards through Ebates and then turn around use those gift cards to shop online…and earn cash back! So I earn once for buying the gift card and again when I shop. Not all stores offer cash back for gift cards, so be sure you know which ones do.

Know when to cash-out:

  • Since I use all of my “free money” for our Disney trips, it’s important to withdraw my funds in time for our trip. Ebates sends you a check (or Paypal) quarterly (see schedule below), Sunshine Rewards allows you to cash out anytime but it can take 30-45 days and MyPoints is the same.

Ebates “big fat check” schedule:

  • Purchases Posted Between Jan 1-Mar 31 – Big Fat Check Sent – May 15
  • Purchases Posted Between Apr 1-June 30 – Big Fat Check Sent – Aug 15
  • Purchases Posted Between July 1-Sept 30 – Big Fat Check Sent – Nov 15
  • Purchases Posted Between Oct 1-Dec 31 – Big Fat Check Sent – Feb 15

Here are my three favorite programs:

  • Ebates: Shop online & use their coupon codes when available. Get a FREE $10 gift card for joining.
  • MyPoints: I just click emails & take advantage of my favorite offers. Read my full review HERE
  • Sunshine Rewards: Have been with them for years! Go here to see how I earned $900! Plus, exclusive to my readers only, you’ll get a free $2 just for joining!

See how these tactics have helped me pay for our Disney vacations and for ways to make money online, read my guide Make Extra Money At Home: My Tips & Recommendations

Keep Up With HOT Christmas Deals & Save Big!

hot christmas deals

It’s that of year again! We’ve got less than 100 days until Christmas, and I’m already in full shopping mode! Actually, I shop all year, which is the secret to saving big time on gifts! Be sure to bookmark and check our Christmas gifts page daily for the best deals!

Christmas shouldn’t be about going broke and being stressed. It’s about rejoicing in what the true meaning of Christmas is, and spending time with the ones you love. That said, I realize buying gifts is part of it and many are already wondering how they will afford it, so here are a few tips:

Shop All Year – Start NOW!

Don’t pass up that 75% off rack because you think you don’t need anything. At least half of my gift stockpile is clearance deals where I’ve saved as much as 90%! I shop all year long for holidays, birthdays, etc… – Usually in early December I’ll inventory my gift stockpile and make a final shopping list.

Shop Online

Ebates and QuickRewards are my favorite cash back sites. You can cash out for Disney gift cards with QuickRewards 😉

For those who have been with me for a while, you know that I love shopping online for TWO reasons.

#1 – Awesome Deals

The deals online are ridiculously good and just seem to get better and better…FAR better than what we see in stores. The closer we get to the holidays, the better they’ll get, so be sure you’re signed up on the mailing list or following us on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date!

#2 – Free MONEY!

You can actually get PAID for shopping online, and the number of people who still don’t know and do this baffles me! I get FREE money for buying something I was going to anyway…it’s a no-brainer (I earned $182 during Christmas last year) – And it’s EASY – Simply login into your account, find the store you were going to shop at, click through their link, and shop as you normally would. This is the EASIEST money I make online, period! I shop through the three programs below. Be sure you’re signed up for all three as each one has different stores and cash back offers!

Cash back sites I use and highly recommend:

  • QuickRewards – LOVE that I can withdraw my free cash back for Disney gift cards 😉
  • MyPoints: I just click emails & take advantage of my favorite offers. Read my full review HERE
  • Sunshine Rewards – Get a FREE $2.50 bonus…exclusive to Saving Every Day readers (thanks Sunshine!!)
  • Ebates – They provide coupon codes & discounts for hundreds of stores, plus you’ll get a FREE $10 gift card for joining.

You can also join follow over 54,000 fellow deal seekers on our Facebook PageTwitterFree Daily Email