We’re Going Back To Disney World!!

We're Going To Disney

I’ve been keeping a secret….sort-of teehee 😉

We’re Going Back To Disney World!!

I’m guessing many of you were expecting this since I’ve been dropping some pretty big hints! Our daughter was accepted into the Disney College Program and will be checking in the first week of September. My husband and I definitely want to be part of this with her, so we plan on being there for the first few days of training and orientation. Although she’ll be busy with all with all sorts of fun Disney College stuff, we’re hoping to see her as much as possible.

But that’s not all….my awesome husband TOTALLY surprised me with a CRUISE!!! HE has always wanted to go on one (was not on my bucket list) and got an UH-mazing, incredible deal through his employer. So, we’ll be at Disney for 5 days and then head out to the Caribbean on September 8th. If any of you have any advice for a cruise newbie, PLEASE help!! I usually love planning, but am new to cruising and am feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially with the ports of call.

So here is the itinerary:

  • August 27th – My daughter and I head to my sister’s house in Florida and arrive the 28th
  • September 1st – My hubby comes home yay!!! He is flying right into Florida to meet us.
  • September 3rd – Check her into the Disney College Program woohoo!!!
  • September 3rd – 8th – Chill at Disney and meet up with our daughter every chance we get!
  • September 8th – Check out and head to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise!!
  • September 8th – 16th – Relax and soak up all the time I can with my hubby.

I haven’t taken a NON-working vacation in years. I am excited and nervous. I will have NO internet access while we are on the cruise, GASP!!

Don’t worry, the deals will still be coming. I have been working myself to the bone pre-writing posts for the time I’ll be gone. There won’t be as many coupon deals (for obvious reasons), but I think you’ll really enjoy some of the new topics I’ve been working on.

Now onto the COST! I’m not including the cruise since that was my hubby’s deal (and he took care of it all), but I’ve been working on the total cost/breakdown of the Disney trip tonight and will have it up tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Felicia says

    I’m so jealous!! lol I wanna go!! (in my whiniest possible voice) lol I hope you guys have an AMAZING time!!

  2. P. Crum says

    Be sure to check out cruisecritic.com for information to help with your cruise. There is lots of helpful information there for the cruise newbie!