FREE Shipping At Target – No Minimum Purchase

free shipping at target

I’m so excited to tell you that Target is offering FREE shipping on ALL ORDERS!! You read that right … ALL orders will receive free shipping, no minimum purchase required. This is only for a limited time, so share this with your friends and family and help them start their holiday shopping now with this great deal!

Be sure to check out the clearance section. With thousands of items up to 75% off, you could score some killer deals! I saw products as low as $1.75 – SHIPPED. Crazy!

Of course the first thing I did was type “Disney” into the search box, and I found tons of awesome deals. There are several Disney costumes on sale, so be sure to check that out if you still need one!

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This deal gets even better when you shop through Ebates and earn 5% cash back for your purchase. Plus new members get a free $10 gift card! I earn between $300 – $500 a year in FREE money shopping through Ebates. Check out my guide here.

Make Money While You Shop For Christmas

earn christmas cash

With Christmas shopping in full swing, I thought it was a good time to re-visit how I earn money shopping online!

Almost every time I post about cash back programs I get an email asking how I make so much, and the answer is simple. Order everything you can online, through a cash back program. I was diligent about doing that again this year and have made $497 and change so far, and that’s before my holiday shopping!

Here are a few tips:

Remember, nickles and dimes add up:

  • If you’re thinking “why do I care about getting 2% back?”, you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. I regularly have cash back deposits of anywhere from $2 to $10…in FREE money! It adds up very quick!

Watch for promotions:

  • Once you’ve joined, you’ll be notified of promotions via email. Double point opportunities, gift card offers and more. Take advantage of these as they can add up to big deposits in your account. Ebates has a daily double deal where you can earn as much as 20-35% cash back!!

See it in a store? Buy it online:

  • If you see it in the store, come home and buy it online. With all the coupon codes and free shipping offers these days, it’s usually cheaper to but it online. Add cash back to the equation, and it’s a no-brainer. See my post on this HERE

Think outside the box:

  • Don’t limit yourself to the obvious things like gifts, shoes, apparel or toys. I order office supplies, tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc… Some of these companies offer as much as 5-10% cash back, which is a sweet chunk of change. I recently made $17.88 for a hotel stay! Office supplies are a HUGE earner for me. Several of the ink supply stores offer 15-25% cash back AND free shipping. and Office give 6-6.5% cash back and run free shipping offers all the time. offers free shipping on any order of $25 or more. With over 60,000 products in stock and killer deals that update daily, this has always been a go-to for me…and they give 6% cash back.

Double dip with gift cards:

  • This is my little secret, and I’ve been doing it for years. I buy gift cards through Ebates and then turn around use those gift cards to shop online…and earn cash back! So I earn once for buying the gift card and again when I shop. Not all stores offer cash back for gift cards, so be sure you know which ones do.

Know when to cash-out:

  • Since I use all of my “free money” for our Disney trips, it’s important to withdraw my funds in time for our trip. Ebates sends you a check (or Paypal) quarterly (see schedule below), Sunshine Rewards allows you to cash out anytime but it can take 30-45 days and MyPoints is the same.

Ebates “big fat check” schedule:

  • Purchases Posted Between Jan 1-Mar 31 – Big Fat Check Sent – May 15
  • Purchases Posted Between Apr 1-June 30 – Big Fat Check Sent – Aug 15
  • Purchases Posted Between July 1-Sept 30 – Big Fat Check Sent – Nov 15
  • Purchases Posted Between Oct 1-Dec 31 – Big Fat Check Sent – Feb 15

Here are my three favorite programs:

  • Ebates: Shop online & use their coupon codes when available. Get a FREE $10 gift card for joining.
  • MyPoints: I just click emails & take advantage of my favorite offers. Read my full review HERE
  • Sunshine Rewards: Have been with them for years! Go here to see how I earned $900! Plus, exclusive to my readers only, you’ll get a free $2 just for joining!

See how these tactics have helped me pay for our Disney vacations and for ways to make money online, read my guide Make Extra Money At Home: My Tips & Recommendations

Keep Up With HOT Christmas Deals & Save Big!

hot christmas deals

It’s that of year again! We’ve got less than 100 days until Christmas, and I’m already in full shopping mode! Actually, I shop all year, which is the secret to saving big time on gifts! Be sure to bookmark and check our Christmas gifts page daily for the best deals!

Christmas shouldn’t be about going broke and being stressed. It’s about rejoicing in what the true meaning of Christmas is, and spending time with the ones you love. That said, I realize buying gifts is part of it and many are already wondering how they will afford it, so here are a few tips:

Shop All Year – Start NOW!

Don’t pass up that 75% off rack because you think you don’t need anything. At least half of my gift stockpile is clearance deals where I’ve saved as much as 90%! I shop all year long for holidays, birthdays, etc… – Usually in early December I’ll inventory my gift stockpile and make a final shopping list.

Shop Online

Ebates and QuickRewards are my favorite cash back sites. You can cash out for Disney gift cards with QuickRewards 😉

For those who have been with me for a while, you know that I love shopping online for TWO reasons.

#1 – Awesome Deals

The deals online are ridiculously good and just seem to get better and better…FAR better than what we see in stores. The closer we get to the holidays, the better they’ll get, so be sure you’re signed up on the mailing list or following us on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date!

#2 – Free MONEY!

You can actually get PAID for shopping online, and the number of people who still don’t know and do this baffles me! I get FREE money for buying something I was going to anyway…it’s a no-brainer (I earned $182 during Christmas last year) – And it’s EASY – Simply login into your account, find the store you were going to shop at, click through their link, and shop as you normally would. This is the EASIEST money I make online, period! I shop through the three programs below. Be sure you’re signed up for all three as each one has different stores and cash back offers!

Cash back sites I use and highly recommend:

  • QuickRewards – LOVE that I can withdraw my free cash back for Disney gift cards 😉
  • MyPoints: I just click emails & take advantage of my favorite offers. Read my full review HERE
  • Sunshine Rewards – Get a FREE $2.50 bonus…exclusive to Saving Every Day readers (thanks Sunshine!!)
  • Ebates – They provide coupon codes & discounts for hundreds of stores, plus you’ll get a FREE $10 gift card for joining.

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