Five Facts: Hollywood Studios!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Home to my favoritest ride ever (Tower of Terror, remember?! =P), Disney’s Hollywood Studios is full of super cool trivia and fun facts! Here are the five I found the most interesting:

1. The original idea for Hollywood Studios was to be an extension of Epcot as part theme park, part television/film production. However, Disney Imagineers soon realized that they could not include everything into one pavilion, and thus turned their idea into a full-fledge park!

2. The first movie filmed in the park was Ernest Saves Christmas.

3.  Before the park’s iconic Sorcerer’s Hat was added, the front portion of the park was actually a massive Hidden Mickey! Although it could only be seen from above, the park maps allowed guests to “see” this Hidden Mickey. Also on the park map is a Hidden Pluto! Study the entrance plaza to see Mickey’s favorite pup’s face.

4. Another icon within the park is the “Earffel Tower”, which pays homage to the water towers often seen in Hollywood studio back lots during the 1930s and 1940s. (Side note: Movie and film lots had water towers as a precautionary measure in case of fires.) And if the “Earffel Tower” was to wear a hat, it would be a size of 342 ¾!

5. Hollywood Studios has a sister park called Walt Disney Studios Park located in Disneyland Paris. There is also a miniature version of the park called “Hollywood Land” in Disney California Adventure Park.

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