Disney Photo Of The Day | Disney’s Friendship Boats

Disney’s Friendship Boats

We usually aren’t in a hurry at Disney, so the Friendship Boats are our way of relaxing and seeing the sights. If you are the “get up and get to the park” type, these are also a great way to end a long day. You can travel from Hollywood Studios to Epcot (or vice versa). At Epcot, you’ll find the boats in the back of the park as you leave through the International Gateway (not in the front near the buses). At Hollywood Studios, you can find them in the front of the park at the dock. The boat makes stops at the Swan/Dolphin, followed by the Yacht & Beach Club, then the Boardwalk, and finally, it comes to an end at Epcot. My husband and I like to make an afternoon of it, getting off at the various stops, looking around, grabbing a snack or a cocktail, etc…

The Friendship Boats are one of my “Top 10 Free Things To Do” at Disney :-)

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