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Disney Fastpasses

In the “Breaking Down Disney Lingo” post, I briefly explained the Disney term “FASTPASS.” Today, I want to go more in detail about the FASTPASS, or FP, so for those who are unfamiliar or confused about them will (hopefully) understand them a lot better!

If you recall in the lingo post, a FP is basically a printed voucher that allows Disney park visitors to wait in shorter lines for some of their favorite rides. To obtain the voucher, guests should first find a FP kiosk. These kiosks can be found at many rides throughout all the parks and they are typically placed near the ride’s entrance. There will be plenty of signs directing guests to these kiosks’ locations, but you can also always ask a cast member for help.

Once there, guests should insert their park ticket or room key into the kiosk and receive a printed FP. Each FP is good for ONE guest, so remember to scan each person’s ticket/key in your party. In my family, we usually have a “runner” – this is someone who gathers all of the tickets/room keys and “runs” to a FP kiosk to scan them. This helps save time and also causes less chaos, as the area around the FP kiosks can be very busy and crowded.

Printed on the FP is the attraction’s name, the return time, and the time you can get your next FP. The return time is a designated time you are allowed to revisit the attraction and go through the FP line. These lines have a substantial shorter wait time, making it so you and your family can go and see more while at the parks. Also, above the FP line will be a clock displaying the time in which the CMs are accepting FPs. If it is the time printed on your FP, just go up to the CM and he/she will look at your FP, allowing you to enter the line. They will not let you use your FP earlier than the time printed on them – trust me, I have tried! Also, be sure to hold on to these FPs until a second CM further down the queue line takes it.

The only catch to the FP is that park guests can only have one FP per time interval. However, once the time on your FP has passed, you and your family are free to visit another kiosk and get more! Another thing my family does is if we do not want or cannot use all of our FPs, we just give them to another family. It is really fun to surprise other Disney guests with them and I enjoy seeing their reactions. Plus, it is a good way to not let your FPs go to waste.

Here are some things to remember about the FP:

  • Any Disney park visitor can receive a FB. You DO NOT have to stay at a Disney resort in order to benefit from the FP.
  • To get a FP, you have to scan your park ticket or room key.
  • Although they can be found at all the parks, FPs are not available at every attraction.
  • Before you ride anything when arriving to a park, go get a FP for your favorite attraction!
  • You can use your FP at any point after the printed time interval.
  • Remember to get a FP for every member in your party.
  • To maximize your number of FPs, try to get your next batch right after the time has passed on your previous FPs. For example, say you have a FP for Splash Mountain and the return time is from 12:30-1:30 pm. You should then try to get another FP at 1:30 pm, and then your next one after that FP’s time has elapsed.
  • FPs are only good for the day in which they are printed.

Below are the attractions at each WDW park that offer FPs:

Hopefully this post helps to clarify any questions or concerns you readers may have had regarding the FP. I really encourage anyone vacationing to WDW or DL to take advantage of the FP because it really does save you a ton of time. Plus, it allows your family to ride some your favorite attractions more frequently, and that is always a good thing! =)

Written by: Brittany Madden

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