Shrimp Po’ Boy from Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory At Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

disneys port orleans french quarter dining

One of the best tips for saving money at Disney is sharing food! If you’ve followed the site for long, then you know we’re huge foodies and love trying all the unique and exciting cuisine that Disney has to offer! The options are endless, and most meals are totally shareable, which saves a ton of money and allows you to try more.

While touring Port Orleans French Quarter last year, we took a break at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory Food Court and tried the Shrimp Po’ Boy! I’m not a huge fan of shrimp, but I am a sucker for a good sandwich and this did not disappoint.

First, it was huge. So big, in fact, that everyone at the table commented on it’s size when I sat it down! The shrimp were large, crispy, and perfectly cooked. Both the vegetables and bread were fresh and delicious. The sandwich comes with your choice of bean salad or house-made chips for just $10.19. It’s plenty of food for two people, so you could easily enjoy lunch for around $5.50 each (assuming you drink water, of course)! I highly recommend the house-made chips. You get a TON, and they were hot, crispy, and perfectly seasoned!

Other food items you can find here are hearty breakfasts, the famous New Orleans style Beignets and fresh baked goods, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, split-roasted chicken, BBQ ribs, and scrumptious sandwiches. They are open from 6am — midnight.

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Ways To Save At Disney | Free Outdoor Movies

Save Money At Disney Free Movies

The list of free things you can do at Disney is endless. From street shows and lounge acts, to nightly movies and campfires, there is a plethora of things to do that are 100% free!

One of my new favorite things to do is watch the free nightly movies now being offered at nearly all of the resorts. Admission is free to ALL Disney guests, and you do not have to be staying on property to take part in the fun! The picture below is from when we stayed at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort. The movies are show down by the water every night around 9 pm.

While each resort has its own unique touch, the best and most themed is over at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort. It begins with a sing-along that lasts about 30 minutes, followed by a marshmallow roast, and ends with a Disney movie shown on a large outdoor screen. You do have to pay extra for marshmallow roasting (or bring your own) but other than that, it’s a whole evening of fun for the family…and it’s FREE!

For movie schedules, please check with the front desk at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel or call 407-939-7529.

disney movies under the stars

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Free Things To Do At Disney | Club Cool At Epcot

Club Cool At Disney's Epcot

If you want a break from the heat and need something to drink, Club Cool inside Epcot’s Future World is the place to go! It’s FREE with park admission and is located near the Innoventions Pavilion. Inside you’ll find a small gift shop, tables, and several soda fountains offering unique flavors from all around the world. Some are…let’s just say…different, but it’s fun trying them all. And I’ve never met a kid that didn’t love this place. What’s not to love? All-you-can-drink soda in fun, funky flavors…hello! My son used to make “suicides” where you combine every flavor! Here are the offerings as of the last time I was there in December, 2012:

  • Beverly from Italy
  • Lift Apple from Mexico
  • Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
  • Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
  • Vegeta Beta from Japan
  • Kinley Lemon from Israel
  • Mezzo Mix from Germany
  • Smart Watermelon from China

The Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique is my favorite! It’s like ginger ale on crack…VERY gingery! Have you been to Club Cool? And if so, what’s your favorite flavor?

Club Cool At Epcot

Free Things To Do At Disney

Save At Disney | Tips From Our Readers

Saving Money At Disney


Here are some GREAT money-saving Disney tips I’ve received from Saving Everyday readers!

Stephanie M

  • For me I saved by purchasing a ticket to the Halloween party. I have a Disney Chase Visa, so I paid 43 for the ticket. I am able to get in at 3 pm and will be in the park until midnight. Have the Chase Visa helps out a lot when it comes to discounts!

Mary L

  • I take snacks for the kids a few waters and some sandwiches in the car I have more water if we finish we just go get a few more. Water inside is too much 3.50 wow that’s a whole case of water lol

Rebecca T

  • Spring time the 3 day play pass. 3 days for $116.00 good until the end of may. I also go on book it .com and get their deals, sometimes $35 a night with free transportation to the parks . saves the $15 parking a day. i also bring my own water and i bring fruit .

Sandy F

  • Pack lunch, snacks and a ton of water

Linda G

  • Stay in the park buy the dining planning love it

Carrie C

  • We save all our silver coins for the year! We never make change — like if something costs $1.01, we will give them $2.00. We put all the silver coins in a coffee can. By the time it is time to go to Disney the next year, we have anywhere from $750 to $1,000.!!! We also plan our trip as soon as possible so that we can make payments! Hope this helps someone!

Lucy J

  • We save all our $5 bills for the year. It adds up. We also stay on Disney and do the dining plan. The 1st year 11 of our family went. We kept track of how much we would have spent out of pocket without the dining plan. We had saved over $3000 on meals by using the dining plan.

Ashley M

  • We never spend our change.  Gives us a great start towards souvenirs.  We also try to go during the off season and utilize the meal plan ( not as good a plan or value as it was 5yrs ago but still very handy ).  Catch it right and you eat free!  Saved $1200.00 trip before last. Birthdays and Christmas are great times to get Disney Dollars and gift cards to finish off the souvenir shopping.

Karen B

  • Any place that sells fountain drinks will give you a free cup of water, just add a drink packet!!

Mark N

  • For us it’s all about making the commitment – making the reservation. Once we’ve do that then we start thinking about ways to save – spare change in a jar, eating in even when you really want to eat out, buying store brands that maybe aren’t as good as name brands but still okay, walk more – drive less… Whatever it takes, once the reservation is made, we have goal

Saving Every Day – Bonus Tip

  • We also like to order FREE water with our meals. It saves money and you need the hydration in the hot, Florida weather. You can always bring those little drink packets if you don’t groove on plain water.


LOVE these tips…keep ’em coming guys and your tips will could be in the next installment! Just leave a comment below or email Andrea @ Saving Everyday

FREE Customized Walt Disney Resort Maps

custom disney maps

Did you know that you can pre-order FREE Customized Walt Disney Resort Maps? It’s true and we’ve been doing it for years! You can create a map for all four parks highlighting your favorite attractions and entertainment. Then bring them home and keep them as a souvenir, use them in your vacation scrapbook, frame them, etc… – You can order one set every six months, but be sure to order them as early as possible because they can take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Order yours HERE

Do you have a Disney tip you’d like to share? If so, leave a comment below or email Andrea @ Saving Everyday

Disney Saving Tip : BYOB

Disney Saving Tip : BYOB

We’ve discussed this before, but I wanted to give you a quick reminder that bringing your snacks, water, and drinks on any vacation can save a ton of money. We always bring 2-3 cases of water depending on how long we’ll be gone. Since bottled water is $2-$3 a pop on Disney property, this saves a ton of money! We also like to order FREE water with our meals. You can always bring those little drink packets if you don’t groove on plain water.

If you’re flying, you can have groceries (including cases of water) delivered from, Garden Grocer, and If you sign up for Staples Rewards or Teacher Rewards, delivery will be free. Even after the delivery fee, you’ll still save a ton of money, assuming your family drinks plenty of water – and I hope they in the hot FL weather!

Address your package:

Full name
c/o resort name
Hold for guest arriving on: date
Resort address
City, State

Try to order it a week before your arrival to ensure it arrives on time. Reportedly, the Swan and Dolphin will not accept grocery deliveries, but you can call to confirm.

Disney Savings Tip: Buy A Refillable Mug!

Disney Refillable Mugs

Looking for ways to save at Disney? Today we’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying a refillable mug!

Refillable mugs can be purchased in the food courts of most resorts and are currently $15.49 + tax each. A family of four would have to shell out over $60 bucks for four mugs…HECK NO, right? Maybe not. If you’re on the dining plan, the mug is free so take advantage of it! But what if you’re not? Is it still a good value? That depends on a few things:

How long will you be there?

  • If you’ll only be there a few days, then it’s probably not cost effective to buy the mug. But if you’ll be there for 7-10 days, it’s well worth it. If I get just TWO cups of coffee a day (or coke, tea, whatever…), I’ll pay $2 (and up) per drink. Multiply that by seven days and I’ll spend $28…and that’s just TWO drinks a day. The refill stations serve a variety of soda, fruit punch, orange drink, lemonade, sweetened iced tea, hot coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate. Keep in mind that you can refill your mug ’til your heart desires for the entire length of your stay! To figure out if it is a good value for you, simply think of how many drinks per day your family will want (at your resort) and do the math!

How much time do you spend at the resort?

  • If you are the up-at-6am-and-on-the-bus kinda family, and don’t spend a lot of time at the resort, then you might not need the mug. Since the mugs can only be used at resorts, it doesn’t make sense to buy them if you’re not going to be there enough to use them. Now if you are a relax-by-the-pool-all-day kinda family (or somewhere in between), then you will probably use the mug enough to save some money. And if you like your cocktails, consider buying the mini bottles of liquor and adding them to your soda for a cheap drink (cocktail prices at Disney are ridiculous).

Do you have kids?

  • Kids like to drink…a LOT. When you’re on vacation, it’s fun to let kids do things that you normally don’t…like go get as many refills on their drinks as they want! And let’s face it, if they are playing by the pool all day, they probably need the hydration!

When are you going?

  • In the summer, when most people want to lounge by the pool all day, you’ll be more likely to want more refills. If you’re sensitive to the cold, you may not want to make the trip to get a refill in the winter. And before you say “it doesn’t get cold in Florida”, it can happen. We were there during the freak cold spell they had in January a few years ago and I was miserably cold the entire time!

Where is your room located?

  • For some people, walking to and from the refill stations isn’t feasible, especially if they are far away.  If this applies to you, keep in mind that you can purchase the mug at any time during your stay. If you find the walk is doable, you can buy the mug at your convenience. When you make your reservation, you can request a room close to the food court and although is is not guaranteed, they will do their best to accommodate you.

Shelling out $60+ might be a downer but if it will save you money, it’s worth it! What about you? Do you buy the mugs or have any tips of your own to share?

Sharing Meals At Disney World – Port Orleans Riverside Mill

Sharing meals to save money is commonly discussed here on the site, so I wanted to show you the delicious lunch my hubby and I shared today. The Riverside Mill food court located at Port Orleans Riverside is my favorite food court at Disney (Coronado Springs is a close second). I love the “make your own” fruit/yogurt bar, salad bar, pasta bar and omelet bars!

They also have DELICIOUS made-to-order sandwiches with your choice of pasta salad or house-made chips. The sandwiches are HUGE and perfect for sharing. Today we tried the “Beef and Blue”, which is layers of thinly sliced beef and blue cheese on Ciabatta bread topped with lettuce and tomatoes. They lightly toast/melt the beef and cheese together before adding the vegetables, so it is slightly warm. It really had some great textures going on from the chewy beef, gooey cheese, and crisp veggies (ya’ll know I’m a texture girl). We used just ONE quick service credit and got the sandwich, chips, drink and two scoops of ice cream. Not only was it more than enough food, but we actually threw away half the ice cream. I highly recommend trying this one!

Honestly, they had me at “house-made chips” :-)

Finding Deals At Walt Disney World

When it comes to saving money on souvenirs at WDW, my first piece of advice is to avoid buying them. Prepare for sticker shock when you see some of the prices! That said, it’s a vacation and fun to treat yourself. Here are a few tips that can help you save:

1) Look for sales and clearance! We see it everywhere. Take a couple of extra minutes to scan the store. I almost missed a whole rack of clearance shirts this morning!

2) Compare prices. You might find something similar at a lower price elsewhere! The picture above is a good example of this. I checked several other stores and only saw these on sale at Magic Kingdom!

3) If you have lots of kiddos, try to find things that you can split up. We saw 4-packs of kiddie cups for $14, which makes them less than $4 each!

How do you save money on souvenirs?