Quick Tip | Free Water At Disney

Snapped a quick pic to show you guys how quick and easy it is to make your own flavored water while your at the parks!

You can find the flavored water packets just about anywhere for as low as $1.00. Since most come with six or more sticks, it’s a cheap way to stay hydrated if your family doesn’t like plain water!

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We’re Here!!

We just checked into Pop Century!! If it’s your kids’ first trip, be sure to get them 1st visit pins! Cast members are trained to notice them, and they might possibly get a lite something special

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SURPRISE!! We’re On Our Way To Disney!!

We're On Our Way To Disney

You read that right!! I’m actually typing this from the car somewhere in north Florida 😉

So as most of you know, my daughter is on her third internship at Walt Disney World, and I’m thinking she should just go ahead and change her zip code! We’ve been wanting to bring my granddaughter for a long time but have had a hard time coordinating her school schedule, my husband’s work schedule and Disney blackout dates.

We actually tried to plan this back in May but had to cancel for a myriad of reasons. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because Disney released blackout dates for the exact days we had planned on going, which means my daughter couldn’t have used her free passes. Everything happens for a reason…that’s for sure!

So this trip came together just in the last couple of months, but I am SO excited to finally get to bring my precious granddaughter. She’s loved Disney since she was old enough to know what it was, and talks about it ALL the time. And she’s the perfect age! I’m often asked what a good age to bring your kids is, and I always say that it’s when they’re young enough to still believe it all, but old enough to go on most of the rides. And of course, that is going to be different for each child. That said, I’m sure she’ll be a Disney addict for life…like her grandma 😉

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We’re actually checking in on Monday, so I’ll be taking tomorrow off to spend time with my sister and her family. My hometown is only about 45 minutes from Disney World, so we’ll be heading up on Monday and checking in sometime in the afternoon. As usual, you can expect lots of fun pictures and food, but this time I’m also going to show you (in pictures) how we save…and here’s the first one!

The drive down is approximately 12 hours (maybe 14 with a toddler), and we aren’t spending money on a single thing other than gas! I’ve been stockpiling things we can use on our trip for weeks, including snacks, drinks, and everything we need for meals. We stopped and had a picnic, which is something my Dad always did with us when we traveled and I loved it. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, played, and stretched our legs. Whether your flying or driving, bringing your own food and drink will not only save you money, but allow you to eat a little healthier!

We're On Our Way To Disney

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