Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Deals At Disney!



Just wanted to show y’all the adorable Alice In Wonderland ornament I scored on clearance today!! I’ve mentioned this before but in case you missed it, there is a ton of clearance to be found all throughout Disney property. You just have to look for it!

I was excited to find this because ornaments are one of my favorite things to give as gifts. They get hung year after year, so your recipient always remembers you (hopefully lol)!

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Lunch From Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn Cafe At Disney’s Magic Kingdom


As my daughter talked about in this post, kids meals are a great way to save money at Disney. This was my lunch today from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn Cafe at the Magic Kingdom. I ordered the hamburger kids meal for $5.99 and added cheese and fries, which was no extra cost! The meal comes with lowfat milk or a 12-ounce bottle of Dasani water, but you have to ask for the fries and cheese.

Then you take that right over to the toppings bar and load it up…my favorite part!! Choose from sautéed mushrooms and onions, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, banana peppers, shredded cheese, and more – all FREE!!

If you follow the site, then you know I’m a burger girl, and the burgers here are GREAT! They’re flame-grilled, moist, and come on a fresh, soft bun – the way a burger should be. Nothing fancy here…just a good burger done right! You can make as funky as you want with all the toppings. I saw a lady making a Mexican burger using the toppings for the taco salads, which is a great idea!

The kids meals state that they are for guests 9 and under, but I’ve never had an issue ordering them for myself. And, I was stuffed! I didn’t even eat the carrot sticks!


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Pulled Beef Sandwich At Tamu Tamu Refreshments Inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park


Pulled Beef Sandwich At Tamu Tamu Refreshments Inside Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

I went back for the spicy beef sandwich at Tamu Tamu Refreshments today! They recently brought this back after it being off the menu for a bit, and I’m so glad they did! It’s slow-roasted pulled beef on a warm pita with mint-yogurt cucumber sauce. The cool sauce is a perfect compliment to the flavorful beef (I always ask for extra). You can get housemade potato chips or apple slices as a side. I got the chips, of course!

I can’t say enough about this sandwich. I didn’t pick up many “African” flavors, and thought is was more like a twist on a Gyro. Also, it’s not spicy at all…at least mine wasn’t. It’s delicious, and the chips are great too! They are seasoned with their own special seasoning that’s not too salty but has tons of flavor!

I was happy to see Animal Kingdom with better food and drink choices this trip. They needed it!

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What Color Are Zebra’s Stripes?



I learned this fun fact on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom this morning!

Zebras are actually black with white stripes! And, you can always look at the fur on an animal’s nose to know their true color ;)

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