52 Week Money Saving Challenge!!

52 week money saving challenge

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YAY!!! It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start our 52-Week Money Saving Challenge again!!! This was by far the easiest way EVER to save money! Be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to follow our weekly deposits and posts. Every Saturday, I’ll post a reminder and my updated sheet. Here’s what you do:

— Each week add the specified amount of money each week to your envelope, box, account, etc., (mine goes into my Disney Fund Box)

— At the end the year, you’ll have saved a whopping $1378.00!! That’s it!!

You can add extra in the early weeks to make it easier in the later weeks. For example, if you add a few dollars extra a week for the first few months, you’ll be way ahead later in the year. So, if you have to skip a week (if money is tight or you forget), you can – and still be on track!! If you choose to do that, I made one sheet with the numbers calculated for you, and one that you can fill in yourself.

Print this sheet to if you plan on doing the challenge as-is! You don’t have to do any math…I did it for you 😉

52 Week Money Saving ChallengeClick To Print

Print this sheet to add various amounts weekly & fill in yourself!

52 Week Money Saving ChallengeClick To Print

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    I saw this earlier and started doing it as well…I thought this sounded like a relatively painless way to save a nice chunk of change…thanks for the chart though…a little added motivation.