52 Week Money Saving Challenge! My New Balance $232

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Week 17 Update: I added $20 this week, so my new balance is $232, which is $79 more than normal! I plan on adding a little extra in the early (easy) weeks so I can add less later on (when the weekly deposits get higher). All of my deposits go into my Disney Fund Box ;) – How did you guys do?

If you are just starting, scroll to the bottom for a “catchup” sheet!


To recap what the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge is:

Each week add the specified amount of money each week to your envelope, box, account, etc., and at the end the year, you’ll have saved a whopping $1378.00!! A lot of people have said that they add more when they can, especially in the earlier weeks. If you choose to do that, I made one sheet with the numbers calculated for you, and one that you can fill in. If you print the sheet above and deposit the regular weekly amount, you don’t have to do any math…I did it for you ;)

If you add extra, which is what I plan on doing, you can print the blank sheet below and do your own math. Just add the previous balance and what you deposit each week!

52 Week Money Saving ChallengeClick To Print

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If you want to start the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge now, print the sheet below starting at week 17!


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