$25.00 Restaurant Gift Certificates For $2.00 + 15% Cash Back + See Our $4.68 Meal

It’s back! Save 80% at Restaurant.com with promo code HOT through 8/16/11 and you can shop through Ebates to get 15% cash back woohoo!! I previously posted that you could use this code on the dinner-of-the-month packages, but this is NOT the case. Thanks to reader, Tricia for letting me know!

  • $10 Gift Certificate for $0.80
  • $25 Gift Certificate for $2.00
  • $50 Gift Certificate for $4.00

PLEASE be sure to tip your waiter/waitress on the original total…NOT the final amount after the discount!!

As I mentioned on the Facebook Page, my daughter and I used one of our certificates on my birthday and had a FABULOUS meal for…..drum roll…$4.68:

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY Outside Lilly’s…Super Cute!

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY Getting Ready To Order

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY Potato Bread, Rosemary Olive Oil & Red Wine Salt…To Die For Good!!

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY My Bison Burger and Homeade Chips! (I love burgers)

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY My Daughter’s Pappardelle Pasta With Eggplant Croutons!

Lilly's Bistro Louisville, KY Final Bill…Awesome!

Crazy huh?! I ♥ Restaurant.com

The Disney restaurants I told you about are still available (House of Blues is the best value).You can also check for restaurants in your area and areas that you travel to. This is a great way to save while on vacation. Remember the certificates are good for a YEAR and some never expire! Click HERE, HERE and HERE for screenshots of my recent orders using the 80% code. See my step-by-step tutorial on purchasing from Restaurant.com for additonal help.

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