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 Coupon Assignment Free Product Coupons

Did you know that companies will often send out high value or FREE product coupons when contacted with a complaint, compliment, or inquiry? It’s true! I have received countless free product coupons this way! Each day I will post a new company and I’ll update with what I receive.

Today’s company: Organic Valley and you can contact them HERE

Also, just to be clear…I am not telling you to lie to get coupons. If you have tried the product, enjoy it, and would like to buy more, then sending the company a positive comment and nicely asking for coupons, is perfectly acceptable. If you have never tried the product, but would like to, the same applies. EVERY company that has sent me coupons has also sent a very nice thank-you letter. If they don’t want to send them, they won’t.

For more information on our Coupon Assignment, and a sample email, go HERE

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